miércoles, 14 de abril de 2010

**// Campus urbe**//

It’s a big university. It has 1 library and 7 blocks, in different areas: computer labs, television labs, and more.

**/// opinion the English//***

It is a very important overcoat in this career, but in the personal thing there becomes I a bit difficult.

**That I think to do after graduating **//

First that everything to obtain a work related to my career, after it studying social work since it is a career that is called me very much the attention.

lunes, 12 de abril de 2010

Describe a day at the university

A normal day in U.R.B.E, is a little quiet despite having a thousand things to do, but sometimes whe when any class is in another block for away from the frist one this situation affects me. and i have to run from one block to another quickly before the next class begins

is it dificult to enter in URBE

it's not so dificult to enter, you must provide proff of admission, after registering some documents such as: bachelor's degree black background, certified letters among others and the paid registration

¿ How is your school life?....

my life in college is very stressful, bacause in social communication race we are governed by semester modality that have editing videos, pictures and others activities day after day.